Former President Condemns Bolsonaro’s Praise of Dictatorship Torturer – Prensa Latina

Brasilia, Aug 9 (Prensa Latina) Brazilian former President Dilma Rousseff condemned Bolsonaro´s compliments of former colonel Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra, responsible for an illegal torture center during the country”s military dictatorship (1964-1985), the website Brasil 247 reported on Friday.
Ignoring the consequences, Bolsonaro told reporters on Thursday that Brilhante Ustra was a national hero who prevented ‘Brazil from falling into what the left wants today.’

The far-right politician had lunch yesterday with the widow (Maria Joseita Silva) of the late colonel, one of those responsible for practicing torture and assasinations during the military regime, as established by the National Truth Commission, an official organization investigating human rights violations.

Before assuming power, Bolsonaro had praised Brilhante in an intervention in Congress, when he voted in favor of the parliamentary coup and impeachment against Rousseff in 2016, and called to celebrate Brilhante Ustra´s memory.

‘It is unacceptable that a Head of State and Government defends torture and does not take into account the agreements signed by his country, in violation of the fundamental principles of civility of the international community,’ stated Roussef, who herself was arrested and tortured during the dictatorship, after hearing the statements praising that dark period of the country’s history.

She recalled that ‘Brazil is bound by the Rome Statute, an agreement drafted under UN auspices and backed by the President of the Republic and the National Congress, in 2002.’

Bolsonaro attempted in March to defend the dictatorship and urged the military to commemorate the military coup of 1964, an announcement that caused a wave of repudiation across Brazilian society.

Almost all sectors denounced the President´s irresponsibility, on trying to justify the events and deny the criminal acts of the military dictatorship that killed over 430 people.