Julie Crego: Tony Evers is not a dictator – Madison.com

Dear Editor: Wow, where to begin with Rep. Dittrich’s opinion piece? I guess I really want to address her calling Gov. Evers a dictator. The definition of dictator according to Webster is “one holding complete autocratic control : a person with unlimited governmental power.” A dictator does not ask their citizens for input. Gov. Evers does and that’s fitting as a governor is a public servant, representing the people of his state. It was also a big wow as her party’s last governor exhibited behaviors of a dictator, going out of his way to ignore citizens of Wisconsin in favor of his preferred constituents (not even citizens of Wisconsin) David and Charles Koch. He took from the citizens of Wisconsin and gave to the rich, like a dictator would. I welcome Gov. Evers’ open, honest, and democratic governing. I’m angry with Rep. Dittrich and those in her party playing dirty tricks in an effort to keep themselves in power. That’s not democracy!

I’d like to say to Rep. Dittrich, you should heed the request of your constituents, quote from your article, “my constituents have urged me to find ways to work together with Gov. Tony Evers.” Sounds like good advice.

Julie Crego

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